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Strategic Logistics Planning

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We aim to achieve very high service value with flexible methods to suit our customer needs and requirements. When a client makes an order, we coordinate with the warehouse across the globe and ship the parts from appropriate warehouse. Each process is further communicated electronically to the clients and manufacturers. Commodities are examined physically, sealed after inspection with receipts and sent to packaging.

Shipment Processing

We cater clients across the globe. The import regulations of each country vary. Our shipment processing system is customized to meet the regulations of the shipment destination. Air freight or Sea freight, the packaging is done exclusively in our warehouse centers. Our skilled logistic experts handle the import regulations of the customs with necessary documentation and invoices. End to end solution to packaging to carrier loading, we have experts to manage logistics.

Accounting & Financial Solutions

Our centralized management of transactions bring your business function together in an easy to transact manner. Our customers across the globe, experience a wide range of payment and financing options with us. Our financial solutions are efficient and without delays.

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