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Water is one of the most important resources in the world. Tetrabic offers comprehensive source to sea approach for water management. We provide best sustainable framework for water management for the complete life cycle of water. We have a team of scientists, engineers, technicians and other experts in various streams who address water related challenges.

We handle world’s complex projects and provide support system to water related projects. We provide best services in plumbing and sanitation. We are entrusted with providing the most essential service to the customers. We are highly involved in the water management services for government, commercial, oil and gas, power, mining and energy sectors.

We ensure to provide water service to the necessary areas. We also ensure to comply with government standards and regulations set for water. We also treat waste water effectively and make it available for reuse.

Our operations and expertise in water services are

  • Operational hydrology
  • Waste water treatment for industries
  • Storage, transportation and distribution of municipal water
  • Water for irrigation and hydropower
  • Environmental protection
  • Water conserving technology
  • Marine water and marine ecosystem management
  • Oceanographic services
  • Water and disaster risk management
  • Urban water supply and green infrastructure approach
  • Dams and reservoirs
  • Water quality management

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