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Tetrabic holds significant position in Mining sector. We assist clients to systematically explore surface and perform mining operations. We excel in providing mining solutions with modern technology and ideas from our geological experts. We have the capability to handle the most challenging under earth exploration with the latest logistics and technical skills.

Mining operations pose lot of risks and environmental impact. Our services are well-equipped to do the risk assessment well ahead and plan the project activities accordingly. Our trending technology usage has increased work safety significantly.

Tetrabic has an outstanding place for future exploration and developmental activities in mining sector.

We cater the mining services below

  • Prospective survey of site
  • Consultation services
  • Mining process planning and designing
  • Geological Waste disposal planning
  • Environment impact assessment
  • Logistics and construction management
  • Surface and underground engineering
  • Socio-economic analysis
  • Reclamation of a mining site
  • Surface mining
  • Underground mining
  • Highwall mining
  • Global network of operational hubs

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