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Initial Provisioning (IP) of Spare Parts

Managing Supplies

In today’s market environment, the IP spend is increasing day to day. In such scenario, it our focus is on providing our clients various provisions to manage their procurement process, address repair and maintenance at an optimal cost. Our models are designed to address

  • Providing optimal procurement costDedicated supplies of parts
  • On-time delivery of parts
  • Assured delivery time.
  • Reduced cost and lead time needed to manage spares
  • Competitive market prices for vendors and suppliers
  • Enduring agreements of price with vendors
Multi Maintenance Environment

IP of spare parts is a multi-maintenance environment. IP components supports in the procurement and selections of spare parts. Our IP data, aids customers to select the number of parts and components, for industry operation. IP meets the necessities from initial procurement, addressing repairs and emergency situation.

Our Primary Service Goal

In competitive business environment, our objective is to provide unique outstanding services. We place a package of benefits to our customers

  • Procurement of original parts from manufacturers
  • Lower operational costs
  • Automation of ordering and shipment services at lower pricing
  • Lesser lead time

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