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Renewable energy is an alternative to the traditional fossil fuels from oil and coal. They have much lesser impact on environment and hence they serve to be most important source of energy. Tetrabic assists in planning, design, engineering and construction of renewable energy projects. We have significant expertise in the renewable energy sectors like Biomass (wood and wood waste), energy from municipal waste, biogas, ethanol, hydropower, wind energy, solar energy, geothermal energy and biodiesel.

The demand for power supply has increased dramatically over the years and we are in need to focus on alternative sources of power generation. Renewable energy projects are in demand in the current era. Tetrabic offers sincere effort to execute projects within agreed timelines. We have expertise to handle the government regulations and compliance standards in renewable energy sector.

Renewable energy projects has taken the power sector by storm. We target to achieve customer satisfaction by performing excellent engineering , procurement and construction services for  renewable power industry.

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