Tetrabic is one of the most trusted companies for project delivery, engineering and technical solutions to energy and industrial markets. We provide innovative solutions to full life cycle of operations in countless industrial sectors like oil and gas, mining, environment and infrastructure, logistics, clean energy and many more.


Strategic Logistics Planning: Highway
Strategic Logistics Planning

We aim to achieve very high service value with flexible methods to suit our customer needs and requirements. When a client makes an order, we coordinate with the warehouse across the globe and ship the parts from appropriate warehouse.

Shipment Processing: Container ship
Shipment Processing

We cater clients across the globe. The import regulations of each country vary. Our shipment processing system is customized to meet the regulations of the shipment destination.
Air freight or Sea freight, the packaging is done exclusively in our warehouse centers.

Accounting & Financial Solutions: Office Planning
Accounting & Financial Solutions

Our centralized management of transactions bring your business function together in an easy to transact manner. Our customers across the globe, experience a wide range of payment and financing options with us. Our financial solutions are efficient and without delays.



  • Spare Parts Procurement
    Spare Parts Procurement
    Procurement of stocks involves competitive market costs, effective delivery of parts and good knowledge on the needs of clients.
  • Inventory Optimisation
    Inventory Optimisation
    We provide optimal inventory solutions for our valuable customers.
  • Logistics Solution
    Logistics Solution
    We aim to achieve very high service value with flexible methods to suit our customer needs and requirements.
  • Procurement Processes Outstanding
    Procurement Processes Outstanding
    Procurement of spare parts involves managing innumerable suppliers.
  • On Site Material Data Survey
    On Site Material Data Survey
    Our experts visit customer’s plants to identify and understand the needs of the customer.
  • Initial Spare Parts Provisioning
    Initial Spare Parts Provisioning
    In today’s market environment, the IP spend is increasing day to day.
  • Parts Data Enhancement
    Parts Data Enhancement
    Our primary step towards parts data information is to physically identify parts at the site, do a survey on storeroom and gather details.
  • Brand & Product Management
    Brand & Product Management
    Brand management identifies the analysis of a product in the market.
  • Engineering
    Our skilled engineers are involved in full life cycle activities of a project like planning, feasibility study, designing, engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning of industrial plants.

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