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Spare Parts Acquirement

Procurement of stocks involves competitive market costs, effective delivery of parts and good knowledge on the needs of clients.

Supply Chain Management

Our major business is to cater the needs of clients, right from stock procurement, providing a complete maintenance solution, while assuring best quality at lower cost . Spare parts inventory system involves a extra cost factor into consideration. Maintenance and repair organization (MRO) needs an efficient inventory management system. Our desire is to provide spare parts at reduced cost and maximum customer service.

Best Process Models

Spare parts consumption is analysed for equipments by the manufacturer as a preventive measure of maintenance. A machine may be redundant or a single point of operation of whole unit. A system failure is directly related to on-site inventory . System failure demand a repair. Such predictions of system failures are based on the age of MRO. Handling system failure risks at reduced costs, is our primary concern, during stock procurement. We ensure that we meet the end to end needs of clients, considering demand, cost, risks involved and in-stock levels.

Our process models ensure negligible cost of transactions, timely shipments, assured lead times and strive to lower the costs of procurement. We follow the best industry standards and practices to provide end to end procurement solution to our valued clients. We focus on long term tie-ups with our clients and providing them a world class unique experience of buying.

Vendor Relationship

We believe in smooth relationships with our vendors, which in turn facilitates efficient procurement of spare parts, in-stock level maintenance and to reduce the downtime of any machinery with preventive measures. We provide our customers

  • Lower procurement costs of spare parts
  • Dedicated supply of parts from original manufacturer
  • On time delivery to meet the needs of our customers
  • Best maintenance service and assurance of quality service
  • Optimized solution for inventory management

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