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Oil, Gas and Chemical Services

Oil, gas and chemical constitute to a large percentage of world energy consumption and is of vital importance to industrial evolution. Tetrabic provides broad range of services in upstream, midstream and downstream operations. We have world class expertise in offering innovative advisory for entire project handling, commissioning and decommissioning of plants and to manage assets. We go an extra mile in services, to ensure plant operations are good.

Upstream Services

 Exploration and extraction of crude oil and natural gas are the primary operations of upstream activities. Upstream operations include ongoing challenges as the reserves depreciate at an established location. The demand for extraction of oil and gas is progressively increasing with high challenges.

With unparalleled knowledge and expertise, we excel in both onshore and offshore oil and gas extraction and production services.  Our Onshore and offshore services include deep sea systems, floating systems, exploratory wells,  flow line network and pipeline networks, gas processing systems and water disposal systems.We have proven track record in providing flexible services at optimized cost.

Our wide range operations are

  • Exploration and production systems
  • Drilling services
  • Well completion services
  • Corrosion control services
  • Offshore and onshore upstream services
  • Asset management
Midstream Services

We have top notch midstream operations for oil and gas industry sector. Our services include processing, storage and transportation of the crude oil and natural gas. Midstream services form a bridge between production hubs and distribution centers. Transmission of oil and gas can be carried out by various modes like pipelines, rail, tankers, trucks and barges. We have robust end to end monitoring solutions that supervises the equipment's, interconnectors and pipeline networks for both onshore and offshore centers.

Gas monetization is trending and fast growing in the oil and gas industry. We employ the latest technologies for gas monetization, at minimal cost and energy efficient manner. Our services include Liquefied Natural gas (LNG), Gas treatment , Gas to Liquid (GTL), Gas to Power(GTP)  and Screening gas transportation. Our skilled technicians evaluate and select the gas monetization process based on economy, market situations, business requirement and technical aspects.

Downstream Services

Downstream industry of oil and gas constitutes a large part of oil and gas sector. We offer our expert service in downstream activities for new installations for start-ups, industrial expansion and refurbishments. We employ best expertise in Oil refinement, Supply chain management, Trading and Marketing. We have cutting edge tools to help clients navigate the commodities between markets, as it is very complex trading and requires global perspective.

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