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Tetrabic is premier company in delivering services in power and process industry sector. We have unmatched expertise on advanced technologies, to place a cost-effective solution to client requirements. Our professionals thoroughly understand the necessities of various sites and study thoroughly about the environmental aspects, safety measures and necessary operations to be installed.

Our primary power and process industry focuses on sectors like renewable energy, nuclear power and conventional energy. Energy consumption necessitates usage of resources and has an impact on environment .Our engineering and technology aim at minimizing the impact on environment in power generation. We aim to mitigate environmental and health impacts on the power usage.

Under renewable power sector, our projects commissioned to attain the best quality standards and technical capabilities. We offer full life cycle support from procurement, planning, engineering and installation for biomass, biodiesel, hydropower, solar, wind and geothermal projects.

Nuclear power is foremost as it uses low carbon power generation. Nuclear plants involve high capital cost for plant building but lesser fuel costs. Our power generation technologies are oriented on minimal wastage and effective disposal of waste.We have long term agreements with other countries on transmission and distribution of nuclear power.

Tetrabic power and process industry covers the below sectors: 

  • Nuclear power generation
  • Renewables energy sector
  • Bioprocess energy sector
  • Conventional Power sector
  • Transmission & Distribution of Power

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