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Inventory Control

Stock Analysis

We provide optimal inventory solutions for our valuable customers. We are committed to improve your operations planning and effective utilization of resources. Our primary goal is to reduce the overall cost and streamline the process of material procurement.

A small improvement in spare parts management aids in substantial cost savings. We analyse random and unpredictable failure pattern, the time required to procure spare parts from original manufacturer, need of some special equipments stock, etc to effectively optimize the inventory management.

Classification of Parts

Our outlook on the classification of parts, put them on different categories like regularly used parts, irregularly used parts, fast moving or slow moving. Most important assets are identified first. Asset selection plays key role in Inventory optimization. Each item has its own characteristics and complexity.

Structured Methodology

We execute a structured methodology to optimize the inventory. Optimized inventory requires frequently obtained data points and evolution of the inventory in question based on those measurements in real time. Our focus is on

  • Forecast market demand
  • Demand or issue size forecast
  • Pooling of spares
  • Inventory holding costs
  • Methods to cater minimum and maximum stock levels
  • Inventory management methodologies
  • Risk assessment techniques
  • Criticality management

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