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Tetrabic has stupendous position in the refinery industry. We handle oil refineries with sprawling industrial complexes with exclusive pipeline network that carry fluids between refineries. We execute oil refinery projects ranging from major installations to major expansions. Our services also extend to maintenance projects and long term asset support.

Raw crude oil is not directly much useful for industrial purposes. Petroleum products are the primary materials derived from crude oil. Oil refineries and chemical plants are associated to produce the desired materials, as they involve number of conversion processes. We are also experienced in fire heater techniques for oil refinery.We engage cutting edge conversion processes to produce high quality petroleum products.

Our global network of operations and cutting edge technologies, we execute the projects across the globe. Our experts are engaged in understanding client requirements and apply the latest innovative methods to achieve positive results in the operations. We combine innovation from initial planning and designing phase and deliver the most complex projects successfully. We offer complete expertise solution to engineering, designing, procurement, construction and commissioning of a project/plant. We work in a client centric approach and for us, customer satisfaction is the top priority. We believe in supporting our clients with long term agreements or contracts.

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